Dr Clare Gerada was appointed as a non-executive director in September 2018. She trained at UCLH and is senior partner at the Hurley Group practice in Lambeth serving 100,000 patients. She has also trained in psychiatry and set up the NHS Practitioner Health Programme, an organisation which supports doctors with mental health issues. She has a national reputation and significant experience of integrated care. She is interested in how digital transformation can support clinicians. She was the Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Clare is a member of the quality and safety committee, the workforce committee and the remuneration committee.

Declarations of interest:

  • Tower Assets Management
  • Hurley Innovations (Shareholder)
  • Hurley Group NHS GP Partnership
  • Chair, Doctors in Distress (registered charity)
  • Medical Director, NHS Practitioner Health
  • Clinical Chair of the NHS Assembly